The House of Evil Granny

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About The House of Evil Granny

In The House of Evil Granny, you are trapped in a horrible house by Granny and you need to find the key and get to the front door to escape this place.

Explore the environment to find helpful tools and items that can you help you get out of the house. You can defend yourself with the hammer. By using the hammer, you can knock Granny out for 15 seconds. There is nothing that can stop Granny for too long so try to take advantage of that time to open the door. Move carefully and find different secret keys. Don't let Granny bring you down.

The House of Evil Granny is a perfect horror game to test your nerves.

How to play

WASD to move.

Left-click to attack.

Right-click to block the attack.

Shift to run.

Ctrl to crouch.

Space to run.

F to interact with objects.

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