Siren Apocalyptic

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About Siren Apocalyptic

Siren Apocalyptic is a first-person action game in which you must survive the fearsome SIren Apocalyptic monster while completing different missions on the island.

When your fellow agents investigated unusual incidents on the island, one of them went missing. You now have to come to this island to find out what happened. Soon you find out that vicious creatures are roaming this place. These creatures are so powerful that no bullets can take them down. YOu must complete different missions, set up cameras to monitor, and try to defeat them. Do whatever it takes to make it out alive!

Game features:

  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Engaging quests
  • Responsive game controls
  • Different horrifying creates lurking in the shadows

How to play

WASD or Arrow keys to move.

Spacebar to jump.

Left-click to shoot.

Right-click to zoom.

Tab to view the map.

Esc to return to the menu.

Category and Tags

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