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About Poppy Granny Playtime

Poppy Granny Playtime is a mixture of the two popular horror games Granny and Poppy Playtime. You are trapped in a building with scary creatures. Explore the area, solve puzzles, search for keys and clues to survive and escape. You need to be careful as the monsters will try to kill you. 

There are 4 game modes for you to choose:

  • Ghost - You are a ghost. Noone can see you now
  • Easy
  • Classic
  • Heavy - You have only one attempt. Granny and grandpa are faster

Game tips:

  • Search carefully. You can find some important items like keys, hammer, a wood panel, battteries,... in the drawers, shelves, or tables.
  • Memorize the area. It is important to memorize the rooms and places of the building, especially places to hide.
  • Find a hiding place quickly after you make a loud noise. Otherwise, the monsters will catch you.
  • Listen to the monster footsteps.

Get ready and test your gut with Poppy Granny Playtime!

How to play

Use your mouse to look around.

Left-click to interact.

Click and drag the circle in the left corner to the direction you want to move.

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