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About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is a horror action game in which you must attack all of the enemies that are trying to hide from you. You don't have to hide from evil monsters like in the Poppy Playtime game anymore.

In this game, you play as a monster and you must move around to defeat all of the enemies. It's your playtime hunting grounds. Smash everything on your way and collect coins to purchase new body parts and create a powerful animatronic monster. Wander around the place and look around to find your enemies. The assistive arrows on the screen can help you find where your enemies are hiding. When you find them, you will be attacking or shooting them with your weapons automatically. 

There are different characters with more special abilities to unlock and spontaneous enemies to defeat. 

Game Features:

Simple game controls

Different characters to unlock

Numerous enemies

3D graphics

How to play

Drag your left mouse button or use WASD to move.

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