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About Freddy Run 3

In Freddy Run 3, the young boy Freddy is trapped in a terrifying nightmare. In his dream, he finds himself stuck in a haunted castle. Help him survive this nightmare and wake up.

In this game, you must complete different dangerous challenges. There are many poisonous scorpions around. The skull-knights are also trying to attack Freddy. So it's not gonna be easy to survive in this castle. You have to jump through gaps, kill scorpions by jumping on them, and overcome deadly traps. In the end, you will face the Skeleton King and the final Boss in 1v1 Battle. Don't forget to collect coins along your escape. Remember that you only have three lives in each level. Losing all of them and the game is over.

Can you help Freddy survive his nightmare in Freddy Run 3 game? 

Game Features:

Colorful graphics with a retro feel 

Different levels

Exciting gameplay

How to play

Left/Right arrow keys to move left or right.

Up arrow to jump.

X to shoot.

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