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About Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime

In Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime game, the player must run, jump, defeat Huggy Wuggy, and reach the finish line. The game takes place in a dark world of Dense Forest, Treacherous Desert, and the South Pole. There are 15 challenging levels waiting for you to discover. 

In each level, you need to get batteries for your lighter, collect toys to earn points along the way, gather tapes to get evidence about the factory, and jump on top of Huggy Wuggy's head to defeat him. If you touch Huggy Wuggy, you will lose a life. You are given three lives in total. Losing all of them and the game is over. 

Can you reach the end of each level and survive in Buggy Wuggy Platformer Playtime?


  • Many challenging levels in different locations
  • Dark world theme
  • Scary platformer

How to play

Use arrow keys to move and jump.

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